Latinx rock'n’rollers and activists - Making Movies - released their third album ameri’kana on May 24th, and it's apparent why Rolling Stone says, “this band is breaking down walls in the United States.” Collaborating with legends Los Lobos, Rubén Blades, and the late Lou Reed has NPR Music placing ameri'kana on its "Best Music of 2019".

Salsa icon Rubén Blades has joined forces with the band to release three singles on ameri’kana: "No Te Calles", "Cómo Perdonar" (ft. Flor De Toloache) and "Delilah" a song co-written by Blades and Lou Reed. called Delilah an “epic musical collaboration brought together by the topic of immigration” and NPR Music placed “No Te Calles" on its "Best Music of 2019" (so far).

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The Art of ameri'kana

Every success is the result of many individuals coming together toward a common goal. These talented artists and designers made the visual world of ameri'kana possible:


"ameri'kana" by JOEL RAMIREZ

Joel Ramirez, Chicano art director from New York, does everything from short film, advertising, children’s books and all around story telling. His vision can be seen in the album cover for ameri'kana and the single art for "No Te Calles," "Cómo Perdonar" and "Delilah." Each of the single art lives within a tapestry that he describes: 

The Fabric
The fabric represents the foundation from which the message is being delivered through. It also represents the bloodline of past brothers and sisters that have also carried a similar message. It is old but it still held together all these years

The Message
The message is involved and front and center. It is in a Gothic type which has commonly been re-purposed in the Latino community. The message is made by hand and is not perfect but it's still the same message. The message is to be worn, held up, waving in the air.

The Estrella Cantor

The Estrella Cantor (star-creature) is based on a simple pentagram star, which is a universal and ancient symbol of light, as well as a main icon of Panamá's flag and many country's flags. The Cantor is singing and another star is born out of its song.



Ivan Camilo Lopez is a painter, sculptor and earth activist. Born in Bogotá Colombia, since the age of three he has resided in San Francisco Mission District where in 2009, he launched Artillery Art and Apparel Gallery to amplify the voice of nature through art and inspire people to live in a more harmonious way to nature. Ivan’s creative source comes from his profound interconnection to the earth and the natural world. His art practice consists of learning to express creativity through understanding the four elements: fire, water, air and earth. Allowing himself and his art to inspire people to harness the four elements in a creative way to problem solve for our livelihood and harmonize with the ecosystem around us. We have the ability to work with fire, air, earth and water in a regenerative way for the Earth and all living beings. "Infinita Agua Serpiente" is a part of the Wild Humans Collection and is the centerpiece to the ameri'kanalbum cover.

The Wild Humans Collection is a story with no words.
A story for you to see;
for you to remember.
It is an action of remembering.
Remembering we as humans are w i l d .
We are as wild as our fellow animal friends that roam this Earth.
Wild humans live in harmony with our Earth.
Wild Humans make the movements that keep balance of life between Humans, Animals and Nature.
Honor the Wild Human in you.



 eric liles portrait


Eric Liles is a designer and art director based in Kansas City. Liles has been a longtime collaborator with Making Movies, providing the iconic letters for the "We Are All Immigrants" T-shirt and the Making Movies logo. His custom letter-work is the centerpiece of the band's new mantra: "ROCK'N'ROLL IS LATIN MUSIC." His font design is also featured on the single artwork for "No Te Calles," "Cómo Perdonar" and "Delilah."



Carlos Adrian Chaurand, born, raised and currently residing in Kansas City, made his way from drawing in his room on a table his dad built to working as a Senior Graphic Designer in the fields of higher education and entertainment. Carlos currently holds the role of Senior Graphic Designer at Park University, overseeing branding and marketing for several departments within the university. He creates and delivers graphic design needs and communications, including print, branding, installations, social media, designs for digital media, and motion graphics.

Carlos began working with Making Movies editing the press photos of Rubén Blades and the band for the first single from ameri'kana, "No Te Calles" and is responsible for the look and design of the physical cd and vinyl packaging for the album. 

In his free time, you can find him adding to his portfolio with freelance design jobs, cycling around KC, working on his house, and date nights with the wife.